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What's New in Version of doogiePIM

- (Calendar, Fix) Setting Flag Marker on a Recurring Event initiates a dialog to request "All Events" or "Just This Event". This is to allow using "Done" or "Completed" Flag Markers on Events
- (Calendar, Fix) Recurring calendar event comments that are Saved in the preview area are saved to the requested events, either the single event or the whole series
- (Calendar, Fix) Pressing keyboard [Delete] on a Calendar Event brings up a confirmation dialog with option to not show again
- (Contacts, New Feature) Job Title added to columns
- (Documents, Fix) Document Settings checkbox anchors are now corrected
- (Documents, Enhancement) Selecting a folder that lists preview cards of documents now shows a preview of the document content text just like Journals
- (Home, Fix) Date Navigator calendar now respects the settings of "Start of Week", "Show Week Numbers" and "First Week of Year"
- (Internal, Enhancement) Selecting "Locate..." on a Related Link that is a file or folder will now open the standard Windows Files Explorer at the location of the item
- (Internal, New Feature) Added "Launch in Windows" to Related Links menu. This will launch the default application for the selected file, such as an image editor for JPG
- (Internal, Fix) HotKey action "Restore or Minimize main window" now corrected to work with new layout
- (Internal, Enhancement) Selecting "Open" from a related link that is a file link will now launch that file as a new tab. Useful for view PDFs, JPGs etc
- (Journal, New Feature) Added Filter to show "All Journals" or "Only Journals for shown calendars"
- (Journal, Fix) "File/Import from file..." is now enabled for Journals
- (Journal, Enhancement) Improved scaling of calendar when using large font size
- (Messages, New Feature) Images in message content will try to fit to screen if they are too large
- (Tasks, New Feature) Added ability to name the "Tickle/Custom Date" label in [Settings & Preferences]/[Tasks]

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